The following items are pieces of official kit available to members of the Oratory Cardinals Rowing Club.

Cardinals Blazer

The Oratory have finally got a decent Henley blazer that doesn't look like an old dust sheet.

It is a light cream wool material trimmed in the traditional 'Cardinal Red' trim. The blazer is made to measure by a specialist tailor in Henley. It is not necessary to visit the shop as a measurement form can be made available. This will be posted here shortly.

Full details are to be confirmed but likely to be around £160. If you are interested please email.

Cardinals Racing Suit (and lots more)

A new era deserves a new strip, and Godfrey have a load of kit designed to the OCRC colours.

Please have a look at the extensive range on the Godfrey website, from which you can also order directly.
The nostalgic amongst you can still get hold of the 'original' Cardinals rlyrca racing suit from JL racing (as modelled here by the Cardinals Henley VIII 2000). If you are interested please email.

If you'd like to propose a design for another piece of kit, please send an email with the details.