Matthew McAdden (89)
2nd June 2006
This new technology astounds me. Good work.

Matthew Carratu (84)
31st January 2002
Superb, have been watching your exploits from the Stewards and this atttempt at a website is as enthusiastic as your efforts on the water. looking forwards to further updates.

Jonathan Flynn (95)
5th November 2001
Whilst clearly we are all amazed at the accidentally high standard given to young Flood, I see that noone has lost the "Oratory" trait of appearing to do a great deal of work whilst actually surfing the net for oldboy sites instead of doing any work at all. Well done us!!

Charles Inness (88)
14th August 2001
Great site seems that some people actually left the OS with the ability to pull an oar and an Education, will wonders never cease?!

Julian Barrow (99)
23rd February 2001
Knowing baby techno well, I think it a tragedy to let Chris be a member of such a highly rated and up and coming club. The web site is fantastic, (not bad for a relation of Chris anyway), and on a closing note I report that "the angel of the north" McAdden is back in training! Maybe a few appearances for OCRC this year, maybe even Henley, eh Klute boy!?!

Ann Redgrave
7th November 2000
If I've told you once, Steven, I've told you a thousand times: no more international standard training.

Steven Redgrave
2nd November 2000
please please please kan i row in youre eyt nekst yeer if you doe one? though i know you had a vary vary goode bowman last yeer who will be vary hard to beet. vary good websight by the wey.

Tim Male (94)
2nd November 2000
Great website, I'm not even too confused by it. Keep up the good work, Techno.

Rob Bruce (96)
2nd November 2000
Power comes from the bowman

Paul Williams
2nd November 2000
I may not have taught you how to row well (only joking!), but the site is truly amazing.

Baby Tec (Christopher Flood) (99)
1st November 2000
Don't worry BJ - my brother is [nice] too.
[You're dead - Your Brother]

Crazy foreign exchange student (Steve Tassell) (95)
1st November 2000
Nice! Me like lot, great for money and easy getting there. Atmosphere smells good and persons doing lovely things. Keeping me in suspenders over what to come next. Peace forever!

Ali Main (99)
1st November 2000
Spiffing website, power to weight ratio must be superb - keep it up!!!

Richard Adams (95)
1st November 2000
I say, this really is a spiffing website! Well done old chap!

Angel of the north (James McAdden) (98)
1st November 2000
Techno, techno, techno ,techno, techno. Floodpants has done it again, not only are his pants the biggest in Britain (at last measurement) but he can make websites. A brilliant website, easy to use, quick to respond and never a harsh word. More big incontinance pants from the pants king himself! xx J Mc

Brucie's Bird (Cardinals Groupie)
1st November 2000
Glad to see that endless days of gazing at men in lycra and taking thousands of photos has paid off!! Congrats boys and well done floodster. I'll be armed with the films for next year.

BJ Flynn (99)
1st November 2000
Cool. My brother is [nice] (Tim).

John Flood
1st November 2000
What a relief that it is now "UP" - may be the author will finally go to bed and allow those who sleep in the room below to get some sleep! He must be a chip off the (not so) old block! Good luck to all who participate in the years to come - keep us entertained on the tow path into our bath chairs! Brilliant!

Tim Flynn (96)
15th October 2000
well done techno, you cyber geek you!