The Oratory Cardinals sets out to provide old boys of The Oratory School with a rowing club in which they can reunite for social and competitive events.

The Club has long been a registered name in the Rowing Almanack but it was in 1997 that the Cardinals was taken on as an old boys rowing venture. The membership has since doubled and doubled again, consequently allowing the Club to support more events of a higher standard. 2000 was a significant year for the Cardinals with their highly successful Henley debut, First Annual Dinner, and the launch of the Cardinals website and subsequent movement of the Club's administration online. The order of events since the Club's launch is documented with photos and press cuttings in The Archive.
Through the generous support of The Oratory School Society, the Cardinals manage to operate at minimal cost to their members. The Oratory School Boat Club are always keen to support the Cardinals racing movement by lending equipment.