Henley Qualifiers 2000

The Crew
Robert D. C. Bruce (96)
Andrew P. D. Flood (96)
  Hugh M. Johnson (99)
  Steven C. Tassell (95)
  Timothy R. Flynn (96)
  Ian A. Cassells (96)
  Christopher F. Hitchins (98)
  James W. Strenner (Guest)
  Sarah M. Cockle (Guest)
The Story
After Marlow the boat was towed to Henley so the eight could train on the course each evening for the week leading up to the Qualifying Races. After just two training weekends and a couple of regattas, this week was to represent a third of the crew's water time together and over its duration the crew gained considerably more pace.
However, such was fate that the final evening before race day another eight crossed into the wrong lane and launched at high speed into the bows of the Cardinal eight. While serious injury was avoided by inches, the boat was split between the bow and 2-seat and written off. The sinking boat was later hauled onto the bank, only to be pushed in again later that night to spend the rest of the Regatta lodged under the bank rafts above the start!

The crew were kindly lent the School 1st VIII for the Qualifying Race (which was to be a better row than its 2nd VIII predecessor). With everything to prove the eight stormed the course with fantastic support from the bank. And so it was that The Oratory Cardinals were one of the five crews from 12 to pass through to the Thames Challenge Cup.

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The Evidence
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Crash the night beforeThe damageOff the island...
...past Remenham......and on...
...and on......through the enclosure...
...past the GrandstandCelebrations
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