Cardinals VIII versus Oratory 1st VIII 2000

The Crew
Robert D. C. Bruce (96)
Andrew P. D. Flood (96)
  Hugh M. Johnson (99)
  Steven C. Tassell (95)
  Timothy R. Flynn (96)
  Ian A. Cassells (96)
  Christopher F. Hitchins (98)
  James W. Strenner (Guest)
  Sarah M. Cockle (Guest)
The Story
It had long been the Club's intention to hold an old boy's race against the School's 1st VIII. So it was that on the Monday evening preceding Henley both crews were to be found training on the course, and by agreement between both coaches, the Cardinals Thames VIII lined up against the Oratory 1st VIII.
The first race was a short sprint to the Quarter Mile off Temple Island. After a blisteringly quick start from the Oratory (which was later to prove one of the fastest starts of any British school crew at Henley), the Cardinals managed to pull back the lead and draw away to win by length.
With both crews interested in gaining race experience, the coaches decided to call another race, but this time over the longer distance to the Barrier. The race pattern was similar, with the School eight fastest off the stake boats but putting in a much tighter challenge. The Cardinals finally pulled through to hold 1 lengths.

It is very much hoped that this will become an annual fixture.

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The Evidence
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First Race
Lining up......the start......passing the Temple...
...the finish
Second Race
Crews swap stations......Cardinals take the lead......the School holding the challenge...
...the Cardinals win
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