Marlow Amateur Regatta 2000

The Crew
Robert D. C. Bruce (96)
Andrew P. D. Flood (96)
  Hugh M. Johnson (99)
  Steven C. Tassell (95)
  Timothy R. Flynn (96)
  Ian A. Cassells (96)
  Christopher F. Hitchins (98)
  James W. Strenner (Guest)
  Sarah M. Cockle (Guest)
The Story
With Richard Adams away, Angus MacPherson, the original stroke man for the Thames Cup squad, stepped in to coach the crew through its second regatta. The eight drew St Edwards School and Bath University in the first round of Senior 2 eights, racing at 9 o'clock in the morning.
Richard's controversial starting routine proved itself the fastest off the stake boats but St Edwards were soon 2 lengths up with a good view of the battle that ensued between the Cardinals and Bath all the way to the finish, but with the latter holding the lead. Regardless of the verdict, and with the crew agreed that there was much to improve, the signs were promising for Henley qualification, the ultimate goal.
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The Evidence
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Hard workFighting Bath
Through the enclosure
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