Henley Royal Regatta 2000

The Crew
Robert D. C. Bruce (96)
Andrew P. D. Flood (96)
  Hugh M. Johnson (99)
  Richard J. W. Adams (95)
  Timothy R. Flynn (96)
  Ian A. Cassells (96)
  Christopher F. Hitchins (98)
  James W. Strenner (Guest)
  Sarah M. Cockle (Guest)
The Story

The odds-against saga continued on the day before race day - Steve Tassell fell violently ill and had to surrender his seat. Supercoach, Rich Adams stepped in to the 4-seat.

The crew had drawn Bewl Bridge Rowing Club but, with little exposure to the season, noone was quite sure what to expect. It was therefore a pleasant surprise to find that the eight pulled away from the start and had gained a lead of 1 lengths by Fawley. However, the opposition's winter training began to claw back the lead as the crews entered the Regatta Enclosure and, much to the delight of a gathering crowd, the battle to the finish left a tight verdict of length win to the Oratory Cardinals. An exhilarating Henley debut.
The Cardinals finally departed the Thames Challenge Cup on the Thursday, going out to a convincingly faster Thames Tradesmen's eight. Nevertheless, with just three weeks of water training, the Club had performed beyond all expectations and caught the attention of many at Henley, the press included (see below).
The Evidence
In addition to appearing on ITV's Meridian Television on Wednesday evening, the Oratory Cardinals received press coverage in The Henley Standard and The Times newspapers. Click on the images below to see the articles.
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A quick start......off the island......passing Remenham...
...hanging on......through the enclosure...
...closing up......the crowd draws in......stern four...
...bow four......clinging on......approaching the finish
Game overHappy landingsThe Cardinals VIII
Crew namesA fine spreadWhipping the cream!
Off the island......throught the Stewards......towards the finish
...and our Chairman's Henley
Saturday nightSunday morning
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