Eton Old Blades Regatta 2000

In Attendance
Richard Adams (95)   Tim Male (94)  
Sarah Cockle (Guest) Barry Melbourne Webb
  Andrew Flood (96)   James Morton (95)  
  Jonathan Flynn (95)   Steve Tassell
  Chris Fothergill     Tony Tinkel  


  Hugh Johnson (99)        
The Story

This was to prove a difficult event, clashing with many members return to university. Nonetheless the event was well supported with even Tim Male faking an injury and flying back from the Sydney Olympics especially to compete for the Cardinals.

After just a couple of races the Cardinals fatefully retired to the pub for the lunch break only never to return to the Regatta!

Steve Tassell writes:
The event was rigged from the start, with half the Eton 1stVIII rowing against us! The first and only fours race included myself (full of optimism and not much else), Jon Flynn (fit army lad), Rich Adams (used to be quite handy with an oar) and Hugh Johnson (talks a good game). I think we blew after the third stroke of the race as the boat just died, after that it was all a blur!

Tim Male writes:
I have to say, that the Oratory did win a heat, in a composite with Cheltenham. I was coxing, and had great pleasure in out-steering and out-clashing with a Junior World Champion coxswain. Ha! He would have been eaten alive on the Tideway. We won easily in the end, having been led off the start.

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