Cardinals Dinner 2000

In Attendance
Richard Adams (95)   Jonathan Flynn (95)  
  Brenda Barrow     Maggie Flynn    
Simon Barrow   Timothy Flynn (96)  
  Robert Bruce (96)   Emma Holbech    
  Kati Burns     Hugh Johnson (99)  
  Sarah Cockle     Jonathan Lamb (99)  
  Dominic Downer (98)   Tim Male (94)  
  Andrew Flood (96)   Jennie Meadows    
  Celia Flood     Barry Melbourne Webb (56)  
  Christopher Flood (99)   James Morton (95)  
  John Flood     James Strenner    
  Benjamin Flynn (99)   Steve Tassell (95)  
  Dennis Flynn     Sarah Thomson    
The Story
A fantastic turnout for the first Cardinals Dinner. The event was held at Bella Pasta in Leicester Square. Super food, plenty of wine and a sub 7-minute speech from the Club Chairman! We will say little more as no doubt there will be story submissions...
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The Evidence
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Pre-dinner drinksBettingAnother speech
NatterChortleSick note
More chatA fine spreadCoach and StrokeJon Flynn, Hugh Johnson, BJ Flynn
Nice hair!In my day...
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