Eton Old Blades Regatta 1999

In Attendance
Julian Barrow (99)   Alistair Main (99)  
  Ian Cassells (96)   Tim Male (94)  
Andrew Flood (96) Tony Tinkel    
  Benjamin Flynn (99)   Paul Williams    
  Timothy Flynn (96)  

There were others but they are not on our records.
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  Chris Fothergill    
The Story
Having won the Victor Ludorum in 1998, the Cardinals were challenge to defend the trophy from recapture by the Eton Vikings. However, Eton '99 saw far greater competition with old boys of Hampton, Oundle and Westminster also turning up.
Perhaps the highest calibre race the regatta has ever had was the fight for the sculling pennant between Cardinal Tim Male and Viking Andrew Lindsey (both to be selected for the Olympic team a year later). However, Tim's sculling experience shone through when he crossed the line 2 lengths up rating an unflustered 26 strokes per minute!
The Cardinal four ended up in the event's 'Grand Final' against Eton Vikings and Westminster old boys. The Cardinals took the win, a canvas up on Westminster and 2 lengths ahead of Eton Vikings. And so the Victor Ludorum was indeed defended.

Tim Male writes:
Ahem, the details of the old blades is somewhat erroneous (apologies, Tony, if my spelling is incorrect). The Oratory Cardinals 4+ defeated Westminster in the heat after a re-row, but due to the odd nature of the Regatta, they formed a different crew and then raced the other side of the draw, racing with their original crew in the final, defeating us by half a length. Although we did give Hampton a damn good spanking.
We won the 2x+ of Ali Main, Andy Flood and myself, defeating the Vikings by a length and a half, albeit rating 24, as Ali had not done that much sculling. He was told the time honoured mantra "Don't pull, just put your blades in and take them out at the same time as Stroke." He passed the finish line having not broken sweat, saying "I see what you mean, I didn't pull hard for a stroke!" I had to wait a while before I could reply, as I was gasping for breath. All credit to him, though, if he had tried, we probably would have gone haywire and lost. And much credit has to be given to steersman Andy Flood, who took the bend well and kept us in the middle of the stream, ensuring us of a more comfortable bend.

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The Evidence
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Duracell double......on and on and onThe Cardinal four
No painWorld ChampionComfortable win
Grand Final......a close finishRegatta Winners
Victor Ludorum
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