Eton Old Blades Regatta 1998

In Attendance
Jonathan Burt (98)   Tim Male (94)  
Ian Cassells (96) Matteo Mazza (94)  
  Dominic Downer (98)   James McAdden (98)  
  Andrew Flood (96)   Matthew McAdden (89)  
  Jonathan Flynn (95)   James Povey (96)  
  Timothy Flynn (96)   Philip Poynter (98)  
  Chris Fothergill     Tony Tinkel    
  Christopher Hitchins (98)   Paul Williams    
The Story
This event was hosted by the Eton Vikings on Eton College's stretch of the Thames in full view of the battlements of Windsor Castle. The event is free, provides food and uses no stake boats to start its 800 metre races. All boats are loaned by the College and entry is always guaranteed to anyone turning up on the day.

The Cardinals provided a turnout of sixteen competitors and many more supporters. Tim Male brought in the sculling pennant in a race not too far fetched from his World Championship performance a couple of days before! The Club subsequently proceeded to the Grand Final and swiped the Victor Ludorum from several years of Viking domination.

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The Evidence
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Cardinal uniformThe boathousesGrand FinalTriumphant Cardinals
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