Walton Amateur Regatta 2001

The Crew
Christopher J. Flood (99)
Jonathan F. Lamb (99)
  Julian A. Hodgson  
  B. J. Flynn (99)
  Steve C. Tassell (95)
  Dominic E. M. Downer (98)
  Julian A. D. Barrow (99)
  Christopher F. Hitchins (98)
  Sarah M. Cockle (Guest)
The Story

This crew got together for the first time in early May, boating from the Oratory's boathouse. Some eight outings later saw the first race at Walton in Senior 2 Eights. With a disappointing row the crew lost to Curlew Rowing Club by 1 lengths. The Cardinals went on to race in the Senior 1 event and, despite losing to Kingston Grammar School in the regatta's fastest race, brought in a considerably quicker time than in the previous event and took home some important experience to aid the quest for Henley qualification. Full regatta results are available here.

Julian Barrow (apparently) writes:
This was a very important event for us and proved to be a great event. Despite losing both our races we improved throughout the day and can look forward to greater boat speed. I am very proud to row in such a combination, being able to row with Dom Downer is brill. I was also surprised with the ability of the NUBC rowers, Tec and BJ. They are great and much better than me.

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