Marlow Amateur Regatta 2001

The Crew
Christopher J. Flood (99)
Jonathan F. Lamb (99)
  Julian A. Hodgson  
  B. J. Flynn (99)
  Steve C. Tassell (95)
  Dominic E. M. Downer (98)
  Julian A. D. Barrow (99)
  Christopher F. Hitchins (98)
  Sarah M. Cockle (Guest)
The Story
This was to be the first year that Marlow Regatta wasn't at Marlow! Instead, the regatta has moved to the new multi-lane Dorney Lake at Eton. With less than a week to run before the Henley qualifying races, Marlow would provide an important indicator of the crew's progress. The draw for Senior 2 Eights saw the Cardinals facing St Pauls School 1st VIII and Bacon B.C. (Nottingham old boys).

Both crews being of the highest calibre, the Cardinals final place at the back was no surprise or disgrace. The encouragement was from their holding St Pauls through the first half of the race confirming their mid-race pace was up to the competition. Every race has it's end though and the Henley course's finish line is that much further from the start. The crew's work for the coming week was cut out...

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